Ceremony Information


We conducted an in-person ceremony, filmed at the Avon Lake High School Memorial Stadium on June 4th, 5th & 6th. The complete process, from when the graduate and his/her family arrived at the school, to when they left the school took approximately 15-20 minutes total. The process included a series of “stations” that were designed to ensure that we were in compliance with state-mandated social distancing requirements, while allowing the graduate and his/her family to capture the meaningful memories of a traditional ceremony. One graduate every 5 minutes crossed the stage to receive his/her diploma and had his/her photo taken with an Avon Lake School Board Member as well as family members if desired, following our ALHS traditional format. The photos are now available for viewing and for purchase on The Class of 2020 Page of this website.

The commencement ceremony also included a few unique video shots of each graduate that are being edited together in a final video of the entire ALHS Graduating Class of 2020. This final video will be available for viewing and for download on this website soon.


The last “station” in the process was a photo opportunity for the graduate and his/her attending family members in front of the caboose. These photos are also available for viewing and purchase on The Class of 2020 Page of this website.

The Ceremony Process

(North Lot, closest to Electric Blvd.) FAMILIES SHOULD ARRIVE BETWEEN 15-30 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR SCHEDULED FILMING TIME. Three families at a time will wait in the lot, while three additional families are parked by the stadium (location B).  Staff will coordinate with families to drive from the north lot, down the access road between the gym and the baseball field, where they will then park and be given instructions to walk to the far east entrance to the stadium to the Staging Area.

A: Student/Family Entrance

B: Student/Family Parking

(Outside the stadium, northwest of the home stands) These are the parking slots for the 3 current graduates being filmed throughout the process.

C: Staging Area

(Inside the stadium, at northeast end of the home stands) Tented area for families and the graduate to stand and prepare to be called to the stage.

D: Graduation Stage

(Inside the stadium, at the 50-yard line) The 8" high, commencement stage is setup with the addition of a 20’ x 30’ tent to allow the event to carry on, rain or shine. When called, the student begins his/her walk towards the stage, picks up his/her diploma folder placed on a table, and is photographed with a School Board Member. The entire process is also filmed and included in the final video, which will be published on the website shortly after filming is complete.

Social distancing and cleaning protocols, all approved by the Lorain County Health Department, will be in place during the entire process, ensuring that everyone’s safety is first-priority.

E: Tassle/Cap Filming Area

(West end of home stands) Once the student crosses the stage, he/she walks towards the North entrance of the stadium for the last video filming. There, the student will be filmed moving his/her tassel across his/her cap and throwing his/her cap in the air. The footage is included in the final video, which will be published on the website shortly after filming is complete. 

F: Vehicle Move

(from initial parking area to the parking lot northwest of the caboose) While the graduate proceeds to E for the tassle/cap filming, the family returns to their parked car(s) to move them to the next parking lot before proceeding to the Family Photo Area

G: Family Photo Area

(in front of the caboose) This area is where the new graduate meets up again with his/her family members for photos in front of the caboose. A professional photographer is also located here to provide the family with a group shot in front of the caboose. The photos will be available for sale on the website following the completion of the filming.

H: Student/Family Exit

(Via the south lot, exiting to 83/Avon Belden Road) Student and family proceed to their parked car(s) and exit the school via the Rt. 83/Avon Belden Road exit